Why Give?

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Support Our Mission

California Western School of Law would not be here today without the support of its generous donors. Like all nonprofit organizations, we depend on the support of the community. This has never been more true than today.

How Your Gift Helps

With your generosity, California Western School of Law raised nearly $1.5 million in new gifts and pledges in 2016-17.

Benefits of Giving

A gift plan can provide you substantial tax advantages, especially on gifts of stocks and real estate. The total income, estate, and capital gains tax savings and the probate expense savings can come close to the amount transferred. A planned gift today can save you headaches tomorrow.

The Juris Legatum Society

The Juris Legatum Society recognizes those who have made a planned gift to California Western School of Law. With their gift, members of the Juris Legatum Society leave behind a legacy of their generosity and commitment to California Western, making a lasting impact on the school and its students for years to come.